Drones & Unmanned Systems

Drones & Unmanned Systems

Enhancing unmanned systems – and protecting lives

Unmanned vehicles are revolutionizing the way the military fights, and our laser sensing solutions are there to help you build truly autonomous systems that keep warfighters out of harm’s way.

Systems navigate autonomously

Whether you’re deploying advanced robots or a fleet of minesweeping trucks, our advanced LiDAR sensors will help your systems navigate autonomously with ease – and keep soldiers safe.

With robust, compact and adaptable designs, our LiDAR solutions are suited to a wide range of systems – UAV, UGV and USV – and environments.  

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Fly safe

Keep an exact distance

When you need your drone to keep an exact distance, our high-performance and lightweight laser rangefinders are the most reliable way to do it. They are designed to be easily integrated in the payload or directly in the UAV’s body and will provide pinpoint accuracy with real-time measurements.

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Sense & Avoid

Making unmanned systems smarter

Can detect obstacles and react to them

Because we consider sense & avoid capabilities to be crucial to the development of unmanned air, land and surface vehicles, we develop cost-effective LiDAR systems that exceed your requirements.
Unmanned systems equipped with our LiDAR solutions can detect obstacles and react to them autonomously or send a signal to the operator, all in real time.

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Know your surroundings

Precisely map dangerous environments

Knowledge is key to successful missions. Map your environment with unrivaled precision and plan ahead with our high-performance LiDAR systems.
Unmanned systems equipped with our LiDAR sensors are a cost-effective, safe and reliable way to precisely map difficult or dangerous environments, and support improved battlefield visualization, line-of-sight analysis and urban warfare planning.

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