Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Building the future

In our increasingly complex transportation networks, safety, fluidity, reliability and eco-efficiency are paramount concerns.

Our solutions are there to help build the intelligent networks of tomorrow, through smart sensing and purposeful design – improve what’s already there and open up new possibilities.

Autonomous vehicles

Driving innovation

The car of the future.

Be part of the next revolution in individual transportation, and make travel easier and safer for everyone. We offer our solutions and expertise to help you build the car of the future.
Many driverless vehicle platforms already include our high-performance LiDAR sensors for their navigation systems.


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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Your sixth sense

Drive safely and efficiently

Our advanced LiDAR sensors are the perfect basis for innovative driver assistance systems. Build powerful solutions that provide drivers with detailed, real-time information about his surroundings, other vehicles, pedestrians… and help them drive safely and efficiently.
Our sensors allow for powerful safety-enhancing applications such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning and emergency braking… that are pushing the driving experience into the 21st century.

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Public transportation

Smart, sustainable, social

Enhance traffic flow

Ensure the safety of passengers and other users, enhance traffic flow and optimize transit planning – LiDAR is a breakthrough technology for public transit systems.
Our advanced LiDAR sensors are a perfect fit for sense & avoid and mapping solutions, even at high speeds, for buses, trams, trains…

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Infrastructure support

Smart sensors for smart cities

Making our cities more efficient

Building intelligent transportation networks is crucial to making our cities more efficient, eco-friendly and improving quality of life. We offer cutting-edge sensors for traffic management, smart lighting, speed detection, occupancy sensing, automatic tolling, smart parking…

Solutions equipped with our laser sensors provide numerous advantages compared to simple cameras:

  • Efficiency – cover wide areas with a single sensor
  • Versatility – detect and differentiate pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles…
  • Reliability – low maintenance, very high durability
  • Ease of use – no sensor calibration needed
  • Durability – unaffected by vibrations, dust, lighting conditions, or temperature variations
  • Privacy – the sensors do not capture any images

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