The LRF 1550 SR+

A fully fibered mono channel & flexible modular kit configuration system

Key Features

1550 nm fiber laser
8 km NATO detection range
10Hz measurement rate
< 1 m range accuracy


Class 1 eyesafe laser
Ultra-flexible design
Modular “kit” configuration


Binoculars for infantry

“A solution for a big challenge: To meet the different “SWaP” requirements of multi-function optronic solutions”

This new OEM Laser Rangefinder is meant as a solution for a big challenge: To meet the different “SWaP” (Size, Weight and Power) requirements of multi-function optronic solutions (EOS, FGS, Binoculars, UAV gimbals, etc.) with the same system.

We report on a mono channel fully fibered Laser Rangefinder based on a patented one lens collimator technology used as the aperture of both the emission and reception channels.

Our very innovative design allows us to offer different system options to better fit the integrator’s requirements: a monobloc design or a modular kit configuration with the opto-mechanical collimator on one side and the laser and electronic module on the other side; both are just linked up by an optical fiber!

Besides, no alignment is needed, and no parallax error is possible: the alignment between channels is guaranteed by design over the whole range.

We meet the challenge with this very flexible approach which makes much more flexible the laser rangefinder’s integration in each custom optronic solution.

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