Obstacle detection & guidance

To overcome obstacles, appeal to reason.


Sense & Avoid

Making unmanned systems smarter

Can detect obstacles and react to them

Because we consider sense & avoid capabilities to be crucial to the development of unmanned air, land and surface vehicles, we develop cost-effective LiDAR systems that exceed your requirements.
Unmanned systems equipped with our LiDAR solutions can detect obstacles and react to them autonomously or send a signal to the operator, all in real time.

Able to perceive in real-time its immediate environment

Before the need for range (which depends on the end use of the vehicle), the ability to perceive in real-time the immediate environment safely, accurately and reliably is one of the key characteristics of ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance system) LIDARs.

In addition, the need to secure travel, militates in favor of redundant systems capable of replacing other sensors with an appropriate spatial definition.

Within SensUp, our LiDAR solutions will help you support the needs and constraints of this challenging and demanding new market.

Wind Measurement

Windfield Project

Measuring the direction and the speed of the wind far in front of the boat means optimizing the settings one step ahead. On this principle, the WINDFIELD project is developing a lidar solution capable of measuring wind over long distances in real time. It is based on an innovative network architecture, tested in extreme conditions: ocean racing.

The idea of ​​using light to measure wind is not new. Different types of “wind lidars” are commonly used, particularly in the field of wind energy. How it works ? In the same way that a radar relies on the reflection of radio waves, a lidar uses the reflection of light. It is the fine particles present in the air which serve as reflectors. The direction and speed of their movement makes it possible to characterize, from a distance, the wind fields to which these particles are subjected.

More info : https://www.images-et-reseaux.com/windfield-projette-au-loin-la-mesure-du-vent-grace-au-laser/

Many more applications

Within “Obstacles detection / Guidance”, ADAS, commonly referred to as  – driverless cars – is not the sole market.

There are many more applications and industries which are seeking for obstacle avoidance and route optimization solutions.

Among the above mentioned applications, we can refer to the increasing need for solutions to avoid floating objects for the merchant navy as well as for offshore racing. SensUp has developed solutions which have proven their effectiveness in the field and show that we possess the technology.

As previously mentioned, we rejoice in the idea that the system developed for the next application will come from your inspiration.

The list of applications is almost unlimited with our technology.

SensUp LiDAR demo

Suitable LiDAR Systems

for Obstacle detection & Guidance