LRF 1550 SR

The LRF 1550 SR

Key Features

- Range capability: ≥ 12.5 km
- Measurement rate : 1 Hz
- Typical accuracy:
better than 0.5 m
- Dimensions:
67 x 53 124 mm3
- Weight: < 230 g


Class 1 eyesafe laser
MIL-STD-810G qualified


Handheld binoculars
Optronic pods

“Over 12.5kms measurement range capabilities for handheld binoculars”

Thanks to the new LRF-1550-SR handheld rangefinder binoculars capabilities are extended to more than 12.5kms in a compact, shock resistant and lightweight laser rangefinder.

It is powered with the latest fiber laser technology which allows for short time measurement, excellent measurement accuracy and eye safe device.

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