About us

Our business :

SensUp is an innovative SME, based in Rennes, Brittany (France), which designs, manufactures and commercializes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) electro-optical systems based on laser technology. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Laser range-finding for embedded and portable optronics solutions, used for target localisation by medium and long range distance measurement.
  • Laser scanning systems (LIDAR) for embedded optronics solutions, used for obstacle detection and enhanced navigation by 3D mapping.

Our mission:

Our business consists of providing the best performing, the most compact and competitive electro-optical systems that can be integrated in optronics solutions for observation, detection and enhanced navigation applications.

We operate on the following markets:

  • Land and Air-Land Defence
  • Homeland Security
  • Rail and Sea transport
  • Offshore racing / Yachting
  • Sensitive infrastructures and industrial sites (Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Port/airport)

We concentrate our resources on our clients’ needs in order to deliver optimized solutions which satisfy their specific constraints. Our managers and engineers attach a particular importance to the cost-efficiency ratio of their systems. This approach allows us to fit the “S.W.A.P” requirements of the markets while remaining competitive.