The LDR 905 SR

Our most advanced 2D LiDAR system yet

Key Features

905 nm Wavelenght
30 m Detection range
270 ° Field of view
< 5 cm Accuracy


Class 1 Eye-safe laser
Ultra SWaP design
Dual return capability
Low power consumption


• 2D / 3D Mapping
• Sense & Avoid
• ADAS systems

“The latest innovation in 2D LIDAR technology”

The LiDAR market is one that is constantly evolving, with new applications being found every day.

That is why the LDR 905 SR, our latest innovation in 2D LiDAR technology, comes in a featherweight package – for tremendous adaptability at a low price.

The LDR 905 SR is a short range LIDAR including a diode-based rangefinder system and a vertical rotating mirror, creating a wide scanning field of view for precise, real-time measurements of your surroundings.

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